Is it okay to eat 100% whole-grain bread?

Bread gets a lot of bad rep lately, and most of the time it’s for a good reason.  Most bread you pick up randomly in stores is basically like eating spoonfuls of sugar.  The glycemic index is high (meaning it burns quickly), the nutrient content is low, and it’s typically not very well balanced macro-nutritionallyContinue reading “Is it okay to eat 100% whole-grain bread?”

To D.Volv is to evolv

In socio-political theory, to devolve is to localize markets from a large centralized organization closer to the individual.  Devolution gives the individual more control over their resource management and holds markets, both traditional and political, more accountable. Devolution, or decentralization, is the difference between a diverse marketplace with lots to choose from and a monopolized marketplace withContinue reading “To D.Volv is to evolv”