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We used Deli Volv to cater our grooms dinner, and they hit it out of the park! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Excellent customer service. Very punctual. Excellent food. Great with guests. Appetizers on point. THANKS DELI VOLV!


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Stone-Oven Subs

Beef Fat Chips

At Deli Volv we handroll some of the best scratchmade bread, made with 100% whole-grains, and combined into unique subs finished in a stone-oven. I’ve been perfecting our homemade chips’ recipes for over 15 years. Once you try our potato chips cooked in Beef Fat you won’t want any others. We are fully committed to providing excellent food, conveniently. But don’t take my word for it, just check out our reviews!


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Public Events

If you have an annual public event or recurring location like a festival or brewery you’d like us to consider coming out to at no charge, click the link below and fill out the form to send me a direct email and make sure to include these details on the form: date/time, expected number of guests, history of event, and number of food vendors desired

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Sign up with our minimum sales guarantee contract for individual sales service. Guests still pay for their own food and then you only pay what’s left over to meet our minimum, if anything! Rest assured, guaranteed.

You’re gonna love our food

Contact me and let me know you’d like to come out for a tasting at one of our public events and if you book a catered event with me, I’ll refund your order.

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Vegan Options

We make an excellent homemade seitan so most of our menu items can be vegetarian and we have vegan options as well!

We can adjust our menu to fit your needs!

If you need a venue, no worries!

We have connections with venues all over this area and can help you find the perfect location.

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I just had some of the best and healthy sandwiches I probably will ever have in my life at this place and they’re so delicious….. the bread is fresh, the flavors pop and its made with care what more can u ask for

undefined – Sherard Chadwick

Wife and I stopped and got the Turkey Gyro and Eggs and Turkey with chips. First of all the chips, the chips are awesome. My Turkey Gyro was so light and fresh tasting it was amazing. Tasted the Eggs and turkey and can’t say anything it was so good.
This place is great and will surely go back again!

undefined – TORRES JA


undefined – AJ HUANG

Soooo good! Really excited about healthier alternatives around here!

undefined – ESMEE DORF

It’s nice to see someone doing what they love to do. It’s even better when what they do is make one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a good long while!!!

undefined – Travis Whan

Best fresh made from scratch food I’ve had as long as I can remember. I’ve never had bread like this anywhere, and I’ve been around! You will not be disappointed!!

undefined – DAVID ACHILLI

Great food made with creativity and attention to detail. Recommended!

undefined – BEN BRILL


undefined – Laura Donnelly Ashe


undefined – DAVID BROOKS


undefined – RACHEL SMITH

My favorite sandwiches ever and you have to try the caffeinated lemonade!

undefined – STEVE LARSON

Deli Volv is an amazing little food truck! Great food and a very helpful/friendly staff. Sandwiches are amazing and the caffeinated lemonade is delicious and a nice pick me up! would recommend for sure!

caleb gudger

I love this place; best subs around

gary rice



Omg! [Bobby] Cobb salad!! great amount of thick cut ham, fresh avocado, and the sauce is to die for!! And the homemade chips #delicious

undefined – Erica Warren

So fresh!! The Bruschetta is outta this world.
Great food · Healthy options


Kenneth is a fantastic sandwich artist!
My new favorite is the Port Royal with Turkey
Accompanied by a full throttle fresh squeezed lemonade!
Cheers to Deli Volv

undefined – Shayne F. Irmen

The Roast Beef is absolutely delicious! I got that and the sweet potato chips, which were really tasty. Awesome food!!

undefined – Dana Moore

What a great food truck! I enjoyed the food, and the service was awesome!



undefined – michelle searles


undefined – SAUL OLIANSKI

Turkey and soft boiled egg, home made mayo from avocado oil, fresh baked bread made me a happy camper for lunch today. It’s too bad you are down the street from me cause I’ll be hanging out at your place more than my own
:). Great food, great proprietor. You need to try it out.

undefined – SCOTT SPENCER

Best sandwich ever!!! I enjoy you guys every time you come to the shop we enjoy all the different sandwiches you have to offer

norman watkins

Some of the best bread ever!!!! Super nice and great sandwich!!!

ken ken

Had the Port Royal it was a great sub, way better than getting a sub from a deli chain.

caleb suttles



Gotta try this place


Awesome sandwiches with a unique twist

logan parce



They were one of our vendors at North River Farm’s Mills River Day — they did a phenomenal job! They were able to handle the large crowd, keep smiles on their faces and everyone raved about how delicious their food was! 👍🏼 Hope to have them back at our next event!

undefined – Candace McLaughlin

Excellent food. He adjusted the menu to take care of my food allergies. So nice to have a convenient, delicious, and healthy meal. The bread is absolutely delicious!!!

undefined – Karen Lawson White

Thank You Kenneth.your menu is great i have tried almost everything on it.i suggest to anyone that has not tried Deli-Volv to come have some,you will not be disappointed.dont forget the chips..

undefined – Diana Hunter

Had the Devilish Beef sub from the food truck at Whistle Hop Brewing a couple of Sundays ago and it was delish!!

undefined – Joan Mahery

I got the Italian and it was absolutely amazing. Thick slices of meat and the sauce is so flavorful. You can tell that the bread is homemade and it takes the sandwich to the next level. I got some of the potato chips and they’re hands down some of the best I’ve had. The guy working there (I’m assuming the owner since he said he made the chips himself) was really laid back and seemed genuinely happy to have us there. Will return



undefined – natalie fox



We used Deli Volv to cater our grooms dinner, and they hit it out of the park! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Excellent customer service. Very punctual. Excellent food. Great with guests. Appetizers on point. THANKS DELI VOLV!

– evan olson

Deli Volv is amazing! The Coconut Curry sub was fantastic, not to mention the caffeinated fresh squeezed lemonade. Thanks for keeping the staff of Harley-Davidson of Asheville well fed.

dan collins

Love these sandwiches!


Everything I had was just the most yummy! Seriously! That bread…amazing!

Eeka Glaubitz

Great sandwiches and very Vegan friendly!

John Larsh 

The best sandwiches period!

undefined – sTEVE lARSON

The greatest Sandwiches you could ask for!
Great food · Creative cuisine

undefined – MARK MILLER

I love this food truck. The sandwiches are delicious (one bite into that bread and you’ll totally be won over). And the staff is super nice, which is a total plus.

undefined – Aaron Ybarra

We had Deli Volv cater our grooms dinner, and they did an amazing job. Couldn’t have asked for better customer service. The food was a hit! Everyone really enjoyed the variety. We had approximately 60 people, and they had really fast turnover on making the sandwiches.

undefined – eVAN OLSON

Great Greek food! Fresh ingredients and good prices too!!

undefined – KELLY HARDIN

Great service incredible food would highly recommend!

undefined – JOSH RAYMENT

Great food! Would absolutely buy again.

undefined – andy osowski


undefined – ZACH ZOOSAH

Deli Volv is my favorite food truck! Kenneth is a chef of the truest form: passion for food. His deviled egg/roast beef sandwich is incredible as well as his gyro sandwich. But really? You can’t go wrong with any of his menu items. If you see his truck, stop what you’re doing and get the best sandwich of your life. You won’t regret it.

Jennifer larson

Food is awesome. Everyone should stop there at least once to give it a try. I have been by 4 or 5 times and never disappoints. Great bread. The last sandwich I got, I ate it there and had to get another to go for my wife to try. Roast beef with deviled eggs. Never would have thought of that but might have been the best sandwich I ever had.

skinny d

Incredibly tasty. Can’t wait to come back!



d wright

Great food! Great people!

Harley Davidson of Asheville

Just finished the Tzar sandwich and house made sweet potato chips! As a graduate in restaurant management and a bit of a foodie… try it you’ll like it!! Lots of vegan friendly choices and meat lovers as well!!
Great food guys keep it up!!!

GrayandChristy Artus