My personal philosophy for success is to continue to grow and get better everyday. This philosophy is the reason for the name Deli Volv; I strive towards continuous evolution.

Our Signature Bread

We roll each of our baguettes by hand from scratch using fresh local ingredients! Our bread has a delicious fluffy and wholesome taste you won’t find anywhere but at Deli Volv. Made from fresh naturally low-glycemic 8-whole grains including locally grown and cold-stone ground flours with Chia, Flax, Oats, and with Chickpea flour makes our signature bread a complete source of protein.

⭐️ What People Say About Our Bread ⭐️

…the bread is fresh, the flavors pop and its made with care…

– Sherard Chadwick

…The bread is absolutely delicious!!!

– Karen White

…one bite into that bread and you’ll totally be won over…

– Aaron Ybbara

Our Commitment

I’m committed to eliminating unhealthy oils from the diet like the typical excessive omega-6 oils you find in almost everything. This is why I make all of my mayo and dressings in house and fry all of my chips with good healthy oils and fats, balanced with plenty of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and a good balance of omega-3s.

⭐️ What People Say About Our Chips ⭐️

…First of all the chips, the chips are awesome…

– Torres JA

…I got some of the potato chips and they’re hands down some of the best I’ve had…

– Jordan Akers

…the homemade chips #delicious

– Erica Warren

Deli Volv is a mobile Bakery and Delicatessen with Mediterranean and southern American influences

Serving the Asheville, NC and surrounding areas for 5 years +

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