My personal philosophy for success is to continue to grow and get better everyday. This philosophy is the reason for the name Deli Volv; I strive towards continuous evolution.

Stone-Oven Subs

We hand roll our signature bread from scratch and finish all subs in a 550 degree stone-oven. Our bread has a delicious crunch outside and wholesome fluffy inside you won’t find anywhere but at Deli Volv. Deli Volv subs have creative Next Level Flavors and with Classic authentic inspirations you won’t find anywhere else. From fresh naturally low-glycemic 6-whole grains including cold-stone ground flours with Chia, Flax, and Chickpea flour makes our signature bread a complete source of protein.

⭐️ What People Say About Our Bread ⭐️

…the bread is fresh, the flavors pop and its made with care…

– Sherard Chadwick

…The bread is absolutely delicious!!!

– Karen White

…one bite into that bread and you’ll totally be won over…

– Aaron Ybbara

Beef Fat Chips

We cook our classic potato chips in Beef Fat which provides all the flavor you never knew you needed. I’m committed to not using soybean and other unhealthy oils you typically find in other restaurants, and find Our methods provide the best flavor and benefits than any other.

⭐️ What People Say About Our Chips ⭐️

…First of all the chips, the chips are awesome…

– Torres JA

…I got some of the potato chips and they’re hands down some of the best I’ve had…

– Jordan Akers

…the homemade chips #delicious

– Erica Warren

Deli Volv food truck

Serving the Asheville, NC and surrounding areas since 2017

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