To D.Volv is to evolv

In socio-political theory, to devolve is to localize markets from a large centralized organization closer to the individual.  Devolution gives the individual more control over their resource management and holds markets, both traditional and political, more accountable.

Devolution, or decentralization, is the difference between a diverse marketplace with lots to choose from and a monopolized marketplace with little choice.  If you have more choices, you generally have better control over what diversifications you wish to subsidize.  Whereas, in a monopolized environment, you only have two choices, yay or nay, and in the political realm, there is only one choice, yay.

Because an individual has more choices when markets are devolved, the market is better held accountable.  If one business doesn’t suit your needs, you can move to the next one.  When a majority of people do not fund businesses that have specific practices, the business suffers financially and is more incentivized to change those practices than if the market was monopolized.

Though large centralized organizations can sometimes be beneficial in voluntary exchanges, decentralization is often better for most people.  So by all means, shop local, or D.Volv your marketplaces if it best suits your needs.  Sometimes, that’s what is necessary to progress to a more efficient and effective way of evolving the needs of the people.

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